Top Questions We Get Asked as Professionals

When you have been in business for over 30 years, you’ve heard just about every question there is. While many of them are related to specific projects, there are a few more general questions that we at Edward Gosman & Associates would like to share to help you gain insight into what makes our business so successful.

Do you do commercial as well as residential work?
While we love working with homeowners, we also have the expertise and experience necessary to meet the challenges of designing and maintaining landscaping for commercial properties such as apartment complexes, condos, shopping centers, and baseball fields. Our high-quality, professional results are beautiful as well as functional.

How does Edward Gosman stand out from other landscaping companies?
As a second-generation, family-owned and -operated business, we understand the importance of strong relationships. At Edward Gosman & Associates, we want the clients we work with to be more than just a number or a paycheck. Instead we endeavor to build long-lasting relationships, working with homeowners, property owners and property managers alike. Our loyal staff is dedicated to providing our clients with personalized service of the highest quality – guaranteed!

What kind of services do you offer?
In addition to residential and commercial property maintenance, Gosman also offers a variety of other services. These include landscaping, hedge trimming, sod planting, flower planting and maintenance, and gardening services. We also build patios and decks.

With winter wrapping up and spring landscapes beginning to come to life, now is the perfect time to consult a professional on how to make your property the showplace it deserves to be. Contact Edward Gosman & Associates today at 757-421-2500 for an evaluation of your yard and a plan custom-designed just for you.