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How to Create a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

Caught in our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time or place around our homes to simply relax and recharge. But this “oasis” at home is more attainable than you think, and it could be hiding right in your backyard!

Your yard may seem like nothing special now, but the possibilities are practically limitless.This can sometimes feel overwhelming to homeowners, and that’s where our decades of experience help — you don’t have to imagine all the possibilities or know what you want — we’ll help figure that out.

Edward Gosman & Associates is the trusted choice for landscape improvement projects throughout Hampton Roads. Here are a few of the ways we have helped our clients find more peace and relaxation in their outdoor spaces.

  1. Incorporate water features.  For centuries, cultures around the world have used flowing water for its calming effects. A small pond, a fountain, a swimming pool or hot tub can give your backyard a spa-like feel. backyard pond water feature

  2. Invest in comfortable seating. Outdoor seating doesn’t mean you need to compromise comfort.  There are plenty of options for chairs, benches, and chaise lounges with cushions to match your style, while also being cozy and weatherproof! Add a small café table and you have the perfect spot for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

  3. Take the inside outdoors. One of the most functional ways to create an outdoor living space is by bringing elements of the kitchen or living room outside.  Custom designed fire pits are growing in popularity for a reason – they allow families and groups of friends to gather and have fun, no matter the season!dscn1817

  4. Light up the night. When the sun goes down, you don’t need to go indoors. There are all kinds of varieties of outdoor lighting options that can be added to your landscape. From string lighting, automated or solar-powered lights, ceiling fixtures, spotlights and so much more, we’re happy to help you decide the best ways to add safety and ambiance to your yard.

Think of your patio or backyard as an extension of your indoor spaces, rather than areas completely separate from the home. If you’re gathering with the family, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying some quiet time to read or rest, there is nothing quite as relaxing as fresh air and the sounds of nature. By keeping the above list in mind, you’l10371369_10152246400741194_6491068410904759942_nl always have a retreat available to you by simply stepping outside!

If you’re ready to begin making your yard your own personal oasis, give our expert team a call for a free landscape design estimate: (757) 421-2500

What’s Not Working With Your Hardscapes

There are many things that can go wrong with hardscapes around your home. Some of them may be the result of installation mistakes, and others may occur naturally over time. If you step outside and look out at your patio or walkways and it makes you want to turn and go back inside, we understand your pain!

Here are a few of the typical concerns we hear from families around Hampton Roads about what isn’t currently working with their hardscapes:

  • Old styles of concrete sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks crack over time, leaving space for weeds to sprout in those gaps.
  • Ugly patios. While they are an inexpensive, quick solution to bare lawns, plain, cement slab patios leave much to be desired.
  • Failing Walkways. Walkways that shift or ones where the outer border has begun to sink or disappear altogether are unsightly, and create a tripping hazard.
  • Uneven steps or pavers. When pavers or stairs are not installed properly, they can shift over time in an uneven way, leaving the pieces at different heights.
  • Sidewalks and driveways that are all all function and no form. Just because your walkways and driveways serve a purpose doesn’t mean you can’t also incorporate them into your landscape design to increase curb appeal.
  • And the problem we hear most of all: the absence of hardscapes! 

Don’t let your hardscapes keep you from enjoying your outside spaces. There are many ways to transform an old, uninspiring landscape into something you’ll look forward to showing off to guests! When you’re ready to discover how amazing your yard can be, give Edward Gosman & Associates a call at 757-421-2500 or contact us online for a free landscape design estimate.