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Create a Backyard Oasis with Your Landscape

Caught between our busy lives and various responsibilities, we all experience stress in some way. It comes in many different forms, but no matter if it is work, health, relationship, family, or money-related, stress makes it difficult to enjoy the rest of our lives.

One proven method of reducing stress is to spend more time in nature. With a few strategic landscape upgrades, you can create your own personal outdoor oasis you can retreat to when life begins to feel hectic, right in your own backyard!


Carefully Selected Plants

What makes a lawn even more enjoyable? Not having to use up your precious time to tend to it to keep it looking nice. The landscape experts at Edward Gosman & Associates can carefully select low-maintenance plants that will not only look great in your yard, but will be one less thing for you to worry about! Even better, our landscape maintenance teams can keep those plants healthy and happy all year long.


The Healing Powers of Water

Water features serve more than just aesthetic or recreational purposes. Just look at some of the most common sounds many people choose to help them fall asleep: babbling brook, raindrops and ocean waves. Scientists have explored this phenomenon, and determined there is a calming psychological effect in response to being near bodies of water. The good news for you is that you don’t have to have waterfront property to enjoy these soothing powers! A pool, hot tub, fountain, falling water wall, fish pond, waterfall, or any other water feature mimics the same calming response. Bonus – many of these features can help you cool off in the Hampton Roads summer weather!

Let the landscape design and maintenance professionals at Edward Gosman & Associates turn your yard into your own personal oasis this summer!