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Mid-Year Resolutions: Give Your New Year’s Projects a Second Chance!

Now that we’ve made it halfway through the year, it’s time to take stock of those resolutions you made back in January. Is that list of projects finished, or have you yet to start? Whatever the situation, it’s not too late to take advantage of summer’s long days and warm weather to get some outdoor home improvement projects completed, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else.

Resurface concrete. Over time, weather fluctuations cause concrete to crack, shift, and lift. This makes the surface of your pool deck, driveway, or walkway not only unattractive, but also dangerous, since those lifted corners may cause someone to trip and fall. Instead of tearing up and replacing the whole surface, however, consider having your concrete resurfaced with a decorative concrete overlay. Not only will this take care of stains, cracks, and other surface damage, it saves time and money.

Strategically plant trees. Over the winter months, you may have forgotten how hot and unbearable your deck or patio area can get because of a lack of shade. Take the time this summer to plant trees at strategic points around your outdoor living area. You may have to wait awhile to be able to take advantage of the shade, but in the meantime you can enjoy their beauty and be happy that you’re helping the environment, knowing that one day down the road you will have mature trees to add value to your home.

Replace outdated windows and doors. Replacing old, leaky windows with new, energy-efficient versions is as much an exterior home improvement project as an interior one. The right windows will complement the architecture of your home, which in turn will increase its curb appeal. A new (or freshly painted) exterior door or upgraded garage door will up your home’s appeal as well.

Refinish your porch or deck. Summer is the best time for refinishing outdoor surfaces, so take this month to refresh your deck or porch and any other wooden structures that need a facelift. Painting or sealing needs to be done every few years to protect the wood from moisture and UV rays, as well as maintain the integrity of the structure. For this easy DIY project, start by sanding the wood, then sand again (in the direction of the grain) to get rid of any old paint or sealant. Clean the wood, pound in any nails that are sticking out, and you’re ready to apply the paint or stain of your choice.

At Edward Gosman & Associates, our experience in patio and deck maintenance and landscape design has helped homeowners across Hampton Roads achieve the outdoor space they’ve always dreamed of. If this is your dream too, give us a call at 757-421-2500 to find out how we can make it happen.

How to Achieve More Efficient Lawn Watering

As summer progresses and temperatures continue to inch higher, the water needs of your lawn will continue to increase. This means not only a bigger water bill, but also potential strain on the local water supply as homeowners start watering their lawns more. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce water waste and help your lawn and plants thrive.

Install a sensor. It doesn’t make much sense to water your lawn while it’s raining, yet some home and business owners that use timers for their watering needs end up doing just that, even during torrential downpours. This waste can be prevented from happening by attaching a rain sensor to your irrigation timer. Rain sensors are able to read the weather conditions and slow down or stop the flow of water from your sprinkler system once the rainfall reaches a certain amount.

Adjust sprinklers and irrigation heads.
There’s nothing more wasteful than watering your driveway and walkways along with your lawn. Usually a quick adjustment to your sprinklers or irrigation heads is all it takes to reduce or stop this overspray.

Don’t overwater.
Did you know that in most areas, a lawn only needs one inch of water a week to sustain itself? Unfortunately, many homeowners water their plants and yards much more than this. If you’re not sure how much water your lawn is using, set a rain gauge in the ground to help keep an eye on amount of water you’re using, and reset timers as needed.

Use different watering methods.
Most irrigation systems that use pop-up sprinkler heads will distribute the same amount of water in 20 minutes that you would get over several hours of steady rainfall. This quick method of watering often results in excess runoff because the ground isn’t able to absorb the water fast enough. A better way is to water deeper but less often, which reduces soil compaction and encourages aeration and better, deeper rooting. This can be done through a long, slow soak or in several short sessions spaced about an hour apart, which permits the water to soak deeper into the ground. Remember to water only as often as necessary, letting the soil dry between each session to further promote root growth and soil aeration.

At Edward Gosman & Associates, we strive to make your landscaping as environmentally sustainable as possible. If you need an irrigation system installed or would like advice on landscaping options that use less water, contact us today at 757-421-2500. With our knowledge and expertise in landscaping and landscape design, we can answer any question you may have.

Landscaping Tips for Homeowners Who Hate Their Yards

If you have recently moved into a new home that you love, but it comes with a yard that leaves a lot to be desired, it’s time to begin designing a new yard. Start by gathering together landscaping ideas and tips, then sit down and work out your plan of attack. If you’re lucky, by this time next spring you could be enjoying the yard of your dreams!

  • Put your plan down on paper. A detailed drawing is a great tool to refer to as you are working on your landscape design. It will help you envision what it will look like in the end, and can easily be referred back to if you need to check on something or make any changes.
  • Ask a professional. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional from a landscaping company before you start implementing your design. Even if you’re not able to hire them to do all of the work on your yard, you can still benefit from their years of experience, and they can get you pointed in the right direction.
  • Don’t choose plants and flowers based on looks alone. It is essential to do your research to determine which plants will thrive in your region. Take note of how much sun and shade they will need; if your yard is shady, plants that do best in full sun should be avoided, and vice versa. Soil composition and the amount of care and attention required should be considered as well.
  • Winter landscapes don’t have to be boring. By thinking ahead with your planning, you can develop a landscape that has beauty and color even in the dead of winter. A well-planned pathway can add interest and contrast by breaking up the dull expanse of your yard, and evergreens and bushes that produce brightly-colored berries will give your yard a little cheerful color.

If you don’t have a green thumb, or simply lack the necessary time or expertise to make a great landscape, give Gosman & Associates a call at (757) 421-2500. As experts in landscape and design for over 30 years, we can give you a yard that you’ll be proud to own.

New Year’s Resolution: Resolve to Enjoy Your Yard More This Winter

A winter yard can be a depressing place, with brown all around and very few signs of life to be seen. But even though you have lost full use of your outdoor space for a time, there are still steps you can take to enjoy your yard and garden throughout the winter months. Resolve to make the most of it by following these tips from Edward Gosman & Associates! Continue reading